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Bush League: Bunting in Softball, etc.

You know what I hate? Really, really hate? Absurdity. Faulty logic. Stupidity. You know, like bunting in a softball game. Who does that? Oh wait--a guy on a team we played last night. He's done it before, too. It's akin to kicking a dog, I say--it smacks the fundamentals of softball in the face. Wait. I'm turning into Softball Guy that's made fun of by Rome--I better stop. Let's just say that I think bunting in softball is bush league. It is.

Since I'm in my special "mad place," you know what else is absurd? People who complain, bitch or otherwise moan about politics but DON'T VOTE. "Oh, I just forgot this year," they say. Or, "I moved two years ago and haven't registered yet." Or, "I woke up late and then had stuff to do." Well guess what? The government woke up late and forgot to send you your welfare check, moron. Stop bitching. It's like complaining about a college football team--if you didn't go to school there, stop saying "we" and "us," ok? You sound like an idiot. (This is, of course, different if you grew up in a coal mining town or steel plant town somewhere within 500 miles of South Bend, Indiana, and did not go to college and were a Notre Dame fan. You guys root on and say "we" or "us" or whatever the heck you want.)

You know what else is infuriating? Those idiots on eBay (or, as my dad refers to it, ePay) with a feedback rating of 4 who insist on bidding over and over and OVER five days before the auction ends because they'll have a conniption fit combined with an aneurysm if they aren't the high bidder at all times during the auction. Guess what, numbnuts? It doesn't matter where the hell you are if there are 72 hours left in the auction--why not wait until there are 30 seconds left and THEN bid the highest price you're willing to pay? Why drive the price up? (Ed. note: when bidding on one of my auctions, where I'm the seller, it is to your advantage to bid as many times as possible in order to ensure fair play for all. Bid away.)

That's all for now. I guess I should attempt to pay attention to this incredibly boring class I'm sitting in right now. That brings up another thing that irks me--professors who insist on passing the roll. In law school, you can only miss so many days of a certain class before they kick you out of it. As a 3L, I plan on using as many of those days as possible this year because I have ceased to care about class. In most of my classes, the professor does not pass the roll--but in this particular one, 8:30 a.m., twice a week, he passes the roll. In his other class, at 1:30 p.m., no roll. Morning: roll. Afternoon: no roll. That sucks, because I could sleep late and then go to class, but as it is, I get up early and go to class, then go home and take a nap. And that's killing my sleep cycle!!

8:48 a.m. - 2005-10-12

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