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What a weekend. Had a buddy of mine come down for the game (Tennessee at Alabama) and we lucked ourselves into Skybox seats. I won't elaborate, but I'll just say not everything comes for free.

At any rate, the lady went to Birmingham for the day, leaving me and my buddy to ourselves for a glorious day of college football. Or so we thought. We roll into the skybox about an hour before kickoff, have a nice "lunch" of grilled chicken and some sort of seafood dip with pasta salad. The people that own the box are high class; if it were my box, I'd have chicken fingers and barbecue for every game. But that's the great thing about skyboxes--the university will bring in whatever food you want. And they have a freezer box full of ice cream. And they bring in stadium dogs at halftime. Did I mention the unending supply of all things beer and liquor? Yes, indeed, skybox is the ONLY way to fly. But I digress.

The game kicks off, and as slightly nervous Alabama fans, we all wait for the wheels to come off of our bus labeled "Undefeated Season." After many, MANY flat tires during the game, such as wide open receivers dropping the ball, running backs simply falling down on their own, and our star QB overthrowing everything in sight, the 'Bama D pulled us out again and forced a HUGE turnover at our own three yard line. A few plays later our kicker, nicknamed "Money," booted the gamewinner and we all celebrated, delirious with relief. It really was hard to get TOO excited, because we won 6-3. Somewhere Bear Bryant was giving us the thumbs-up and the high chin, all at once. I just wanted to puke.

Seriously--watching/attending that game was a horrible physical and mental experience. Ugliness on the football field is a terrible thing; magnify it over an entire game and it is life-threatening. My buddy and I felt downright drained and exhausted afterwards, feelings I've never felt after a big win. But, a win is a win, and we'll take it. Instead of celebrating with the masses, we limped home and watched the lady's AU team lose a tough one at LSU (a kicker missing FIVE FGs in one game is just plain terrible--especially when your big rival wins on a late FG in a 6-3 game).

I imagine how I felt on Saturday is a lot like how I will feel after taking the Bar Exam; but, I have a feeling I will actually feel better after taking the Bar Exam. Hopefully that one will be a win too--if not, look for me at a fast food joint near you.

6:07 p.m. - 2005-10-24

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