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Free Time = Nothing Accomplished

Sitting here in class, I ask myself the ponderous question that has certainly been mulled over for countless decades: Why does the fact that the amount of work accomplished by relatively everyone is inversely proportionate to the amount of free time enjoyed? I don't have class on Thursday OR Friday. My weekends are usually taken up by the crazy football game or even more outlandish wedding preparation party/shower/planning session. Even so, that leaves me with about 40 free hours in a 48 hour weekend. However, no matter how much free time I have, I still can't manage to get anything done. Zip. Zero. Nada.

Group meeting today for a collective bargaining class, for which I am supposed to have "crunched the numbers" on our union proposal for increased wages, holidays & vacation time? Check, as in "not accomplished."

Got my turn-in assignment ready for another class, which I've known was due for TWO WEEKS? Check, as in "completely forgot about it."

Read for my three hour makeup class due to Hurricane Katrina and the over-protective UA administration? Check, as in "What? I have a three hour class tonight?!?"

Now, if I were extremely busy, covered up to the point that I was mainlining Starbucks and Red Bull, I'd have all of the above covered and ready to go. As it is, I spent Thursday playing PS2, watching baseball, surfing the 'Net, purchasing things off of eBay, and going out. Friday was spent going out for breakfast with the lady, watching baseball, and playing PS2. Saturday we went to Birmingham for a party where people gave us free stuff. Last night I played flag football after watching football all afternoon.

Granted, as a 3L, classwork is about the furthest thing from my mind. But'd think I could put together a simple spreadsheet in FOUR DAYS. I guess that's why in every job interview I've ever had I've said "My greatest strength? Why, it's my uncanny ability to perform better and better the more work I have to do." Which is totally true. I guess that's better than saying that I turn into a blithering idiot if I have free time.

I'm off to attempt to accomplish at least one thing on the above list for the day. I'm shooting for the spreadsheet...but...I'll probably just end up playing PS2. Or watching TV. Or, come to think of it, there's an auction I've been watching about to end on eBay...


Update (7:25 p.m.): I finished the grandest spreadsheet in the history of October 2005 this morning. It truly was a modern masterpiece. I pulled it out at the group meeting (sounds rather erotic, doesn't it?) and then found myself unable to explain it to my fellow group members. I barely understood it myself. But, not to fear, as I threw in a lot of wheretofores, whatnots, expected cost matrixes, etc., so there was much head-nodding and grunts of agreement, so I think I have them fooled. Either that or they are planning on some sort of "intervention" where they take me out, get me drunk, and leave me in the middle of nowhere.

9:17 a.m. - 2005-10-10

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