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Paying Attention to Movie Start Times

You know, one thing that I just realized is that for the most part, classes in law school are interminable. Don't get me wrong--I love being in school, because it's like vacation. But some classes...jeez...if it weren't for the miracle that is the Internet I'd fall asleep within ten minutes in some of my classes. Especially the pass/fail ones, where you have absolutely no incentive whatsoever to pay attention. In the graded classes, you actually have to pay attention, a lot of attention sometimes, especially if you want to make a good grade (or for some people, just pass). Like in life, you have to pay attention. Well, not in all life situations, because frankly, paying attention apparently just doesn't interest some people anymore.

Take, for instance, any movie theater in America. The movie listings say that a movie "starts" at 7:00 p.m. No big deal, right? We all know there will be ten to fifteen minutes of previews, and then the movie will start. I get a little irritated when people come in during the previews, but what the hell, right? The movie hasn't started.

And then there are the rest of you bastards. Movie starts at 7? You don't care. You'll show up at 7:30. 7:45. Maybe even 8:00! Talking and chatting and carrying on like you're standing in your living room or something. My question to all of you idiots is this: Why? You're wasting money, for pete's sake! WASTING IT! Simply because you are a damned idiot. (Yes, I did talk about this in an earlier entry, but it keeps happening!)

Don't you care that you've missed the first fifteen minutes of the movie? Don't you care that you're bothering everyone else in the theater? Every time a one of you morons comes in well after a movie has started, a small, tiny piece of me that wants to get up and kick the crap out of you gets a little bit bigger. So never know when your day might come. My advice? Learn to read, and if something delays you on your way to the theater, catch a later showing of the movie or another movie altogether. Please--I'm too pretty to be in jail, and I'm sure you'd like to avoid a trip to the hospital.

One more thing: when you come into the theater, and it's all dark and you can't see well, there are NO SEATS AVAILABLE up the steps in the stadium seating. Since you are legitimately mentally challenged, you should sit in the rows of seats on the floor and avoid the steps entirely as you might accidentally trip, fall and break one or more bones while trying to find an empty seat that doesn't exist. Just some friendly advice from your buddy, LegalAcidity!

4:15 p.m. - 2006-01-09

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