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Diving Headfirst Into Absurdity: It's Dog Time!

Yes, it seems to be true: I feel that I am heading headlong into the very type of absurdity that I like to rail upon. That's right, folks. It seems that the lady and I, after the wedding, after the honeymoon, and after all the hoopla, are taking the plunge and...

Getting a Puggle.

What's a Puggle, you ask? Well, it's a new "designer hybrid" breed that is half Beagle and half Pug. (The Lady came up with "designer hybrid" to counter people that would say "mutt"). They're just the cutest darn things this side of crying babies and precocious youngsters. I guess it's my way of filling her need for a baby by giving her a dog.

These Puggles are no mutts, either. The New York Post ran a story on them a few weeks ago and even put a picture of one on the front page. Guess what happened the next day? Hundreds and hundreds of crazy would-be pet owners descended upon the pet stores of NYC and asked, nay, demanded a Puggle for their very own. Most of the pet store owners were perplexed, as they had never even heard of such a thing as a Puggle, or if they had, were clueless as to how to get one.

A few months ago, when all of this dog talk got started, the Lady was all agog at the prospect of getting a Chihuauha, a Min Pin, etc., all frou frou stuff. We had quasi-compromised on a Jack Russell, but I did a little research and realized that a Jack Russell would likely destroy our apartment and then eat us while we slept because of the close confines (and our likely apathy regarding allowing him to "run free" several times a day). So, we were in limbo until she stumbled across a Puggle at, of all places, a pet store. After a bit of research, we tentatively decided on a Puggle. One drawback: they are expensive. Very expensive. We could get two or three purebred German Shephards (my dog of choice, but once again, not really an apartment dog) for the price of a Puggle. Hard to justify that kind of expense. But, I've come across a reasonable breeder with reasonable prices, so it looks like it will happen, and we can join the ranks of the James Gandolfinis, Jake Gyllenhalls, and Julianne Moores of the world with our very own Puggle.

Of course, those of you out there who have gone through the misery (or "joy") of having a spoiled princess-type dog know what I'm about to go through next: the constant desire and need of the Lady to want to spend incredible sums of money on dog "clothing," designer pet products, etc. I've already tried to put the kibosh on such things, but she was successful in dragging me into a designer pet store today. So, we'll see. If anyone has any ideas on how to logically reason with a "Hey let's spend a lot of money on designer pet crap for our dog" person, please let me know. I just noticed that she is looking at websites that sell sporting-related dog clothes. She actually just said, "Ooh! They have hats, too!"

Dear God.

If you need me, I'll be refiguring our budget to allow for dog clothes. And, apparently, hats too.

7:05 p.m. - 2005-12-05

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