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Random Thoughts in Class

Just a few random thoughts while sitting in class...

I wonder sometimes if certain law school professors aren't really just masquerading from their real jobs as, say, executives at the NCAA, or, more likely, as a personal representative for Dennis Rodman (have you SEEN the crap his people have done lately? Idiots!). It's absurd sometimes. One professor here at UA recently told a student "I can't make the exam floating for the whole exam period; the registrar's office says that's not school policy." Bullshit. Every exam I and almost everyone else has is floating for the entire three weeks. It's some of that gobbledy-gook doublespeak crap that lawyers are fond of. More absurdity: the same professor cancelled TEN classes and scheduled TEN makeup classes at different times, but won't accomodate the students like they expect the students to accomodate the professor. Lunacy. Sometimes I think that they forget that we're the ones paying their salaries; paying for their offices; paying for the electricity that courses through the wires and ends up in the lights & computers in their offices. Is it a privilege to go to law school? Sure, but most of is are paying for it, and will be for some time to come. I just wish that sometimes they'd all treat us like that. Don't get me wrong--some professors get it, and do treat us like adults. The rest could care less.

Whoops--class is ending. More later.

9:31 a.m. - 2005-11-16

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