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College Football in the South

What a weekend. Not many things are better than a college football Saturday in the South (with maybe the exception of winning the lottery). I had the distinct privilege of experiencing one such Saturday this past weekend, and it was magical.

It started off in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, on a Saturday morning before the 2:30pm game between Florida and Alabama. As a lifelong Alabama fan, I've never really hated Florida, because we hardly ever play them, but in the week leading up to the game their players were quite dismissive of 'Bama and as such, I developed a deep, enveloping rage for all things Florida (except for the beaches). Florida was also ranked 5th in the country ('Bama was 15th), so it was a big game for us, which only fueled my rage into a firestorm of hatred. Okay, maybe that's a bit melodramatic--let's just say I wanted us to win. Better?

At any rate, the day started off at The Ranch (a compound of small houses down an alleyway in Tuscaloosa where several friends of mine live) for the beginning of a fifteen-kegger. That's right. Fifteen kegs. It was a glorious sight at 11:30 in the morning--all 15 kegs in their own little tub with ice. But then, like all good parents do, I began to worry about the lack of ice throughout the day--would it all melt? Would the beer stay cold? What would we do??? I was comforted by my friend who told me that they would keep replenishing the ice, so no worries.

After having a few late morning brews, my fiancee and I headed off to the game, to the land of milk and honey known as the skybox. My lady knows a girl who married a guy who has parents who are loaded and who happen to have a skybox; they throw us a bone sometimes. Can't stand the girl, but I tolerate her for the perks. I may have principles, but I'm not stupid, either. For those of you who have never been to a skybox, you are definitely missing out: air conditioned, cable television (2), good food, comfortable seats, alcohol, you name it. It really is the way to go. Once I win that lottery I was talking about, I'm going to get me one.

Anyways, we hang out in the skybox until the game finally kicks off. Florida starts the game with the ball, and our defense punches them in the mouth. Florida looked so confused that I could swear that they were about to start crying from frustration. It probably didn't help them very much that the crowd at Bryant-Denny (Alabama's home field) was about the loudest I've ever heard it. Deafening. Alabama finally gets the ball, and one play later, find themselves 87 yards down the field in the end zone.

What followed was a magical display of Alabama thoroughly kicking the hell out of Florida. It was a beautiful sight to behold. After the game, we returned to The Ranch, where the kegs had dwindled to 10 or so. Oh, and they had a band, too. And tiki torches--no party is complete without tiki torches. What other school has parties like that?

I really am going to miss being a student down here. Football Saturdays are one of my favorite things. Sure, I'll be able to go back to games once I graduate (and hopefully, with a law degree, I'll be able to afford the tickets), but it won't be the same. Of course, if I can win that lottery, I'll just get me a skybox and live in it year-round. That would be something special--waking up to the sound of 90-some-odd thousand people cheering the opening kickoff of a college football game. That's it, I'm off to find a lottery ticket--you can't win if you don't play!

11:04 a.m. - 2005-10-04

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